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Membrane pump MP 03

Range of application:

Membrane compressors or vacuum pumps are suitable for the conveyance of air, für Gasanalysegeräte, Fotolabors, Inhalationsgeräte usw. können Membranverdichter - gas or vapours for industrial or medical applications and for the use with gas analysis devices, in photographic laboratories, for inhalation devices etc. The range of models includes three different designs.

  • Integrated model with one pump head
  • Exterior model with two pump heads
  • Laboratory device
Mode of operation:

Gaseous materials can be transported in an unaltered condition when using a membrane pump. The pump does not require any lubrication. A noiseless and maintenance-free split-phase motor serves as actuator. An eccentric tappet provides the power transmission to the membrane. The pump's flow rate is determined by the throw of the eccentric. The pump chamber is equipped with one inlet and one outlet valve. Two plates made from elastic synthetic material serve as valves.

The pump's action is controlled by the suction and ejection of air through the membrane. The pump will remain sealed after shutting it off, even if at that time a vacuum or pressure was being built up. Accumulation of dust and other particles between the valve seat and valve plate can cause leakage of the pump. If highly contaminated air is being transported, the use of a filter in front of the intake valve is recommended, to avoid leakage. A groove on the inlet and outlet valve ensures a safe start-up, even if the pump is under pressure or vacuum. The pump has been equipped with anti-vibration mountings to absorb vibrations and noises generated by the eccentric tappet. When fastening these devices, noise transmission will be greatly eliminated. Mounting orientation can be user-defined. Sufficient ventilation should be supplied to avoid overheating of the motor.